Estes Twombly, Warren Jagger Photography

Robert J. Higgins Welcome Center

Architecture Firm: DBVW ArchitectsLocation: Kingston, RI Category: Educational/Institutional

With a unique floorplan that successfully amalgamates two contextual grid orientations while allowing for resolved spaces offset in intriguing conflict. The building is slyly contemporary, yet provides a direct nod to local historic buildings. Taken together as a mix of tradition and innovation, the building provides a clear sense of the University's brand for the visitor. The butterfly dormers/light monitors are a nice twist to the roof-form.  The use of color and material, and branding on the interior provides a simple and effective progressive tone to visitors coming to the University of Rhode Island.  The configuration of spaces is complex, yet the roof appears simple and consistent with the residential-scale street context. Exterior spaces and paths work well for pedestrians and vehicles while also pointing nicely across the street to the main campus quad. 

Jurors' Comments (AIA Akron, OH)

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