3six0 Architecture, John Horner Photography

Low Impact, High End

Architecture Firm: c&h architectsLocation: Jamestown, RI Category: Residential Architecture

A house that is vibrant in its composure, energy efficient with its super-insulated walls and roof, and reaches outward to capture views of its site. The house not only recycles an existing foundation, it upcycles it. Spaces are delightful, varied, and overlapping; views throughout are magnificent, and detailing is consistent in its variety. Yet impressively, the site blends into its surroundings with a curation of native plant materials and accounting nicely for stormwater—while also incorporating a PV array into the roof composition that returns energy to the grid. A house most anyone would find comfortable living in, with a diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces that accommodate different seasons and solar orientations. The house seems as if it would be quite enjoyable for the owner when alone, yet capable of accommodating a raucous party . . . Sustainability and stewardship of energy resources without the sacrifice of comfort and pleasure.

Jurors' Comments (AIA Akron, OH)

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