Vision 3, Frank Giuliani

Pawtucket Times Gamm Theatre

Architecture Firm: LLB ArchitectsLocation: Pawtucket, RI Category: Unbuilt Architecture & Planning

The jury split while discussing this project: some though it was too conceptual, others thought it was too practical, while others thought it disrespected the current building. Yet despite these divergent takes on the design, all jurors agreed that the strategy creates delightful public spaces, giving energy outward through the bold gestural expression of the sloping lobby ceiling/canopy. The public entry ramp and plaza, the integration of theaters into the structure, and the overall plan are well thought out. The reuse of the brick building with minimal moves makes for a dynamic sequence of spaces: the new spatial fold colliding with and subtracted from this mundane Pawtucket Times structure makes for a progressive image As an unbuilt project that utilizes the architect’s creativity and vision to enhance community, this project hopefully will be able to regenerate this segment of Pawtucket. The jury here hopes that this evident physical enhancement and injection of a cultural center will have an impact that ripples outward beyond the building itself.

Jurors' Comments (AIA Akron, OH)