Estes Twombly, Warren Jagger Photography

Bomes Theatre

Architecture Firm: RGB ArchitectsLocation: Providence, RI Category:

Comments from the Jury:

- It’s always great to see local landmarks, with their cultural and architectural heritage, saved from the wrecking ball.
- Kudos to the Providence Preservation Society for listing the Bomes Theatre on its annual list of ‘Most Endangered Properties’ to gain attention in an effort to save the building.
- We really enjoyed how new life was breathed into this building. With the extent of damage and changes made to the interior of the building over time, no remaining elements of the interior finishes or ornamentation remained.
- With that being the case, and no existing references or photographs of the interior, the decision was made to reinterpret the theatre design in order to provide a contemporary experience, with the interior aesthetic in complete contrast to the historic exterior, which was restored and exhibited.
- Our jury applauded that decision to introduce a modern use and aesthetic to the interior, which seems to more appropriately renew and reflect the connection to the neighborhood.
- As a result of these efforts, this landmark was saved and continues to provide a link to the heritage and past of the neighborhood.