Northeast Collaborative, Ben Jacobsen (photo)

Rhode Island College-Craig Lee Hall

Architecture Firm: LLB ArchitectsLocation: Providence, RI Category:

Comments from the Jury:

This building, prior to its renovation, fell short of providing an active and attractive edge at the end of the prominent Main Quad it occupies.
- The new addition, facing the head end of the quad, does a nice job in repositioning the building on campus. On the ground level a large student lounge engages with the new landscaped edge of the quad and invites students into the building.
- The façade blends in with the other buildings on the quad, while adding distinctive features such as the horizontal brick banding and red accent bricks that tie in with the terracotta sunscreen.
- The façade and therefore the quad, appear to be successfully activated by the additional student lounges at the end of each corridor and at the ground floor, providing daylight and views deep into the building.