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Composites in Architecture

Thursday July 20, 2017

9:00 AM


Please join us for a day-long event exploring the possibilities of composite materials in Architecture.  The program will consist of.....

Proposed Agenda:

9-9:30AM: Registration

9:30-10AM: Introduction and Welcome

10-10:50AM: Keynote & 5 minute Q&A

10:55-11:55AM: Introduction to composites     

This presentation will cover the basics of using composites and associated manufacturing.  The presentation will also discuss data associated with using composites that may be helpful for architects transitioning from steel or other materials.

Eric Goetz, Chief Innovation Officer, Goetz Composites

Nate Fash, AIA, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Roger Williams University

Moderator: Bob Lacovara, Director of Education, IYRS School of Technology & Trades

11:55-12:25PM: Lunch

12:30-1:30PM: Case Study: The SURE HOUSE

Speaker: John Nastasi

The SURE HOUSE started with a simple question: how can we design a home which both reduces its energy use and adapts to the realities of a changing, more extreme climate. Our answer emerged as a new direction in storm resilient coastal housing. We merged the inherently efficient indoor/outdoor rooms and open floor plan of the quintessential 60’s style modern beach cottage with state of the art building science, the latest renewable energy technologies, and fiber-composite materials repurposed from the boat building industry. The result is a building armored against extreme weather that uses 90% less energy than its conventional cousins, powers itself through clean solar energy, and in the aftermath of a storm becomes a hub for emergency power to the neighborhood… all of this packaged as a comfortable, beautiful beach house.

1:30-1:50PM: Perspective from an Architect

This presentation will be given by an architect that is using or has used composites.  The goal will be to tie the day together and leave people inspired.

1:50-2PM: Closing remarks

2-230PM: Board bus for shop tours.

230-315PM: Shop tour of Symmetrix Composite Tooling

330-415PM: Shop tour of Goetz Composites

415-445PM: board bus and arrive back at RWU

5PM: Cocktail Hour/Dinner RWU Sailing Center

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